Andrea Sinclair, MEd, LPA, PMP

Andrea Sinclair (she/her) comes to psychology with a unique background in project management and process improvement that informs her approach to therapy. If you’ve been feeling stuck, or lost, or if you haven’t connected with other forms of talk therapy in the past, this might be the fresh perspective you need!

Andrea is also a sex and gender geek who loves working with all aspects of identity exploration and development among individuals and families. She is especially looking to serve anyone who rarely sees themselves or their family and relationships in mainstream culture, whether from the LGBTQIA+ community; polyamory, swinging, or other ethical non-monogamy; power exchange; or inter-cultural matches.

She strives to provide a safe space for learning and personal growth, with a mindful awareness of the individual’s location in both their personal and cultural context. She is committed to the work of decolonizing mental health, hoping to increase accessibility and effectiveness through inclusive practice.

Andrea graduated from the University of Louisville’s Counseling Psychology program in 2021, and also holds a graduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Bioethics and Medical Humanities along with professional certifications in Project Management and Six Sigma Process Improvement. Her clinical background is in community mental health with experience in treating anxiety, depression, racial trauma, parenting stress, and attachment disorders through individual and group work.