David Hutsell, M.A.

David comes from a social justice-oriented background, which leads him to focus much of his work on providing a safe space for those with marginalized or minority identities to discuss their concerns. Many of his clients seek out therapy to address issues related to depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma, or identity-based stress or discrimination (e.g., sexism, racism, etc.). David has a strong specialization in working with individuals from the LGBTQ community, including those who want to explore their identity or want extra help coping with non-affirming environments/people. Further, he has training in writing referral letters for transgender and gender non-conforming people seeking gender-affirming medical care (e.g., hormone replacement therapy), and he can provide continued support through one’s transition.

David’s treatment style is grounded in exploring the connection between a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, with the goal of using this knowledge to make changes in how they think and/or act so they can feel better. Additionally, he incorporates other ways to approach problems, such as examining how a person’s life is impacted by conflict in their relationships, as well as how mindfulness and breathing can improve our well-being.

David is currently working on his doctorate in clinical psychology at Spalding University’s School of Professional Psychology. He provides therapy as a doctoral practicum student under the supervision of Lisa Steelsmith, Psy.D. David previously completed a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Cincinnati. He has worked in a variety of settings throughout his graduate training, including youth psychiatric inpatient units, college counseling centers, private practices, and forensic assessment/treatment offices.

In his free time, David enjoys spending time with his boyfriend, playing video games, and being physically active (running and cycling). He also stays busy through his role as the current president of the Spalding University Multicultural Psychological Association (SUMPA) and with his research projects. He is currently planning his dissertation, which will continue his focus on addressing the needs of the LGBTQ community.

If you’re interested in learning more about David’s research, you can find more information by clicking HERE.