Kristen Haarman, PsyD

Kristen (she/her) is a graduate of the clinical psychology doctoral program at Spalding University. She enjoys working with both adults and young adults who are searching for help in life transitions, for guidance to manage anxiety or depression, for assistance with interpersonal and communication problems, or for a better understanding of who they are in this world. She has a special interest in the interaction between physical and mental health, especially as they apply to chronic health issues and women’s health. She collaborates with clients to help them learn adaptive skills so they can make decisions which will enable them to live a life that is personally meaningful and enriching. She acknowledges that everyone has a different journey in life which is constantly changing and often challenging. Her goal is to be of service to those wanting help navigating the journey so they don’t get stuck. She feels privileged to be a part of the profession of psychology.

Prior to pursuing the field of psychology, Kristen was a high school integrated science teacher and stay-at-home mother, both of which influence her therapy work. She is the parent of two young adults who continually teach her lessons both enjoyable and hard. When not working or parenting she loves to read, eat, travel, appreciate the arts, and laugh.