Maral Safavi, MA

Maral utilizes a primarily interpersonal/relational style in therapy, in which the relationships formed, either in individual or group work, are the key tools used to create lasting change and improve mental health. She believes these relationships have a power to reflect and even alter longstanding relationship patterns inside and outside of the therapy room. She hopes to establish a safe place for her clients to explore dynamics that are not working and experiment with, or even develop, new relational patterns and dynamics that can benefit them in the rest of their life.

Maral also believes it is important to consider how early attachment and trauma experiences may have shaped the development of each individual with whom she works, as well as to understand each person’s current social, cultural, and environmental context.

While Maral primarily practices from an interpersonal frame, she also integrates concepts and techniques from other therapeutic modalities, like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), such as nonjudgmental acceptance of the present moment, mindfulness, and values driven action.

Maral received her Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Spalding University in June 2018, and is currently working on her Doctoral degree in psychology.  Previous clinical experience includes a year-long practicum providing individual and group therapy for adults with substance use disorders and comorbid mood, personality, and trauma-related disorders. Maral also conducted a year-long practicum at a university counseling center providing individual and group therapy to college students dealing primarily with adjustment and mood disorders, and working with the university’s office of identity and inclusion to build trust and increase utilization of counseling services among the university’s minority student populations. Maral is interested in working primarily with teens and adults, providing accessible trauma informed care to those who are suffering.

Outside of work, Maral enjoys feeding her friends and family, and taking her dog on hikes.