Nick Hardesty

Nick’s background is in the realm of languages. Having attended Indiana University Southeast for their Germanic Studies program, he has learned the core basics of learning other languages. His proficiencies are geared to Germanic and Romance languages. Nick can speak German and French well, Spanish with some difficulty and smatterings of various other languages. Please feel free to teach him new words and phrases in other languages.

Nick comes from a retail background, where he worked for a local business for years. In that time, he has built his customer service skills and was even buyer for their supplement department. He prides himself on excellent customer service and is always willing to help within reason. He is dedicated to social justice issues. Nick has been an ardent supporter of LGBTQIA rights and the Black Lives Matter movement. Social justice has given him perspective on being committed to fostering an understanding, inclusive and positive environment.

In his spare time, Nick likes road trips, listening to music, movies, playing video games, reading and singing.