Sabrina Jenkins, AAS

As a graduate of Brown Mackie College, Louisville campus, Sabrina received an Associates of Applied Science with a focus in Health Care Administration. She participated in the Student Mentor program and was voted 2014 Class representative.

A native of southern Indiana, Sabrina was raised in a rural farming community in scenic Washington County. Growing up in a rural area has engrained a great sense of community and cooperation in her core values and beliefs. She is a mother of two young boys and is raising them in the same community that she grew up in; with the hope that it will instill the same values and beliefs that it has given to her.

Sabrina loves to be of service to our clients and would like to remind you that if you need her assistance, she is only a phone call or email away. She would also like to remind you that she is human; while she loves to please, on occasion she will ask for your patience and understanding as she navigates the treacherous waters of the dreaded insurance companies on your behalf.