It can be difficult to know what we can do individually that will make a difference in the Black Lives Matter movement. The following resources will provide more information for how you can help promote social justice:

To better understand the different roles you can play in combating social inequities check out the Social Justice Ecosystem Infographic here:

The Kentucky Psychological Association has created a valuable list Anti-Racism and Racial Trauma resources. Check it out:

Here are 97 Things white people can do to promote racial justice:

Here are some meditations related to BLM, healing racial trauma, and promoting white allyship:

Here are some resources for talking to kids about race:

Are you wanting to address racism in your own therapy?

Try this link for anti-racism resources including recommended articles, books, movies, children’s books, increase your knowledge, and help getting conversations going:*DxXs7K_umbRHlS1kzEln3g&fbclid=IwAR2rYgmxIRA2vXlRWHrYyPvUTOM1zjGYWpk_b4m_3QoapUDz7h0Gt6ByMl0


Are you a person of color seeking therapy specifically around racial trauma? Contact:

Spalding Collective Care Center