Sometimes life feels overwhelming and hopelessness grows. Sometimes depression and anxiety become almost more than a person can handle. Sometimes these feelings become difficult to bear and people want an escape from the pain. Sometimes that desire for relief causes a person to consider harming themselves or someone else.

If you are currently thinking of taking your own life or that of someone else, the staff at Compass wants you to know you are not alone. We encourage you to go to your nearest emergency room and tell them you need to talk to the psychiatrist on call. You can also call 911 to get help to you quickly. If you are having thoughts of self harm, but don’t think you’ll act on them, try calling the crisis intervention line at 502-589-4313 or 800-221-0446.

If you are concerned that your child or teen might hurt themselves or others, you can call the child crisis line at 502-589-8070 or 800-432-4510.