Third-Party Reproduction Evaluations

In keeping with the treatment standards set by the American Academy for Reproductive Medicine, a psychological evaluation is required for most egg donors, egg recipients, sperm recipients, gestational carriers, those adopting or donating embryos, and intended parents of gestational carriers. Since 2010, fertility clinics and agencies around the country have referred their patients to Dr. Amy Greenamyer for this service. The following is information regarding this process.

Scheduling: To start the process, contact Dr. Greenamyer’s office directly at 502-426-2777.  You will be sent new patient paperwork to complete. Your spouse/partner (if applicable) must sign the forms as well. Once the completed paperwork is returned, the office staff will call you to schedule your appointment.

Appointments are generally scheduled from 8:00am – 2:00pm Monday – Thursday. The latest appointment is 2:00pm due to the length of the evaluation (90 – 120 minutes for donors and gestational carriers and 75 – 120 minutes for recipients and intended parents). If you are married or partnered, BOTH individuals MUST attend this appointment. Exceptions are made in some circumstances, such as if a spouse is deployed.

Evaluations can be conducted in person or through the HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom. If using Zoom, please plan to be in a private location with few distractions. It is not appropriate for children or other individuals to be present. Do not drive or use substances, including smoking/vaping, during the session. You and your spouse/partner can log on from separate locations using the same link.

Continuing Care: Clients who have completed the evaluation process who go on to successfully conceive may request continued monitoring via teletherapy from Dr. Greenamyer as part of the evaluation fee. Dr. Greenamyer will contact the expectant parent(s) twice during pregnancy and 2 – 3 times in the first four months postpartum to screen for any mood or anxiety problems. Should the parent(s) require additional counseling services, they can either become a counseling client of Dr. Greenamyer or receive a referral to another provider. Medical insurance generally will cover such counseling services.

The Evaluation: For recipient(s) and intended parent(s), Dr. Greenamyer will conduct an extensive interview focused on your life history, emotional well-being, response to infertility, as well as specific issues related to third-party reproduction. This is not an evaluation to determine if you will be a good parent.

A similar interview is conducted with donors and gestational carriers, who will also complete a nationally standardized personality assessment that will help determine the appropriateness for participation in the process. A link to this test will be emailed to you following the interview.

Gestational carriers and the intended parents of the carrier are often required by their fertility specialist to have a 60 to 90-minute joint session with Dr. Greenamyer. This session, which can be completed on Zoom, is designed to make sure all participants in the process are in agreement about decision making, disclosure to others, etc.

All participants in the evaluation process will have ample opportunity to ask any questions or have concerns addressed. Following each evaluation, a confidential written report will be sent to the referring physician or agency to be included in your medical record. If you change providers, the report should be valid for two years. This, along with any additional consultation between Dr. Greenamyer and clinic staff is included in the fee for services.

Financial Information: Contact our office for more information regarding financial arrangements.

Additional Information: A resource list of reading materials is available upon request. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, or about your appointment, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Greenamyer by phone or email.