Our Therapy Dogs

Meet our Therapy Dogs!

This is Lucy. She assists Dr. Greenamyer in session but occasionally is seen around the office. She is a 45 lbs Vizsla/Lab mix and is as sweet as they come. She stays behind a puppy gate so people who are uncomfortable around bigger dogs don’t have to fret. But, feel free to say “hi!” to her if you see her in the office! Lucy is a rescue dog from Saving Sunny, Inc.

It is with deep sadness that we announce that Compass has lost a member of our staff–Basil. He was 12 years old and a founding member of our team. Basil will be deeply missed by clients and staff alike.

This is Chive, a 3-pound teacup Yorkie, who is Dr. Christina Bayen’s emotional support dog. Chive can often be found around the office with his tiny ball and big personality. Don’t let his tiny size fool you; Chive runs the show. He’s our staff court jester and brings great joy to all he works with.Chive

If you aren’t comfortable with pets or dogs, please let your psychologist or counselor know and we’ll make sure Lucy and Chive are on break when you come to visit.